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Your Guide to Buying A Slowpitch Softball Bat


An activity that involves physical skills and abilities in a competition and entertainment is called Sports. There are different kinds of sports. There is also a sport that uses a bat, this sport is called Softball. Slowpitch and Fastpitch are the two kinds of bat for softball. 

First is the Fastpitch Softball Bat, it has a 2” barrel width and a length to weight proportion between -8 and -13. On the other hand, the Slowpitch Softball Bat has a 2 1/4 inch barrel diameter and are mostly 34 inches in length. 

Between the two kinds of Softball Bat. Why is it better to choose the Slowpitch? It is because the slowpitch bat:  

  • • Can be Used in competitive or recreational organizations or league by both female and male players 
  • • Can be used by a person of any age. 
  • • Can be used in a fastpitch game without ruining it. 

If you are going to buy a bat, you must consider these things first: 

• You should choose the ideal bat size for you. 

You must know the right size for you when it comes to length and weight. The Length is measured by the inches from the handle to end cap of the bat and weight is measured by the all in all mass of the bat and equivalent to ounces. 

In length, it is a must to demo first the bat, for you to know the right size for you. The longer the bat the more weight it has. The right combination of length and weight will help you to be comfortable in playing softball. 

• Bat Components 

You must know the materials used to make the bat and has balance weight. Knowing the materials because you can know the performance of it, and knowing if the bat has a balanced weight because a balance bat has a more even weight distribution, allowing for potentially greater swing speed for many hitters. This is preferred by contact hitters who want more control on their swing. 

The best slow pitch softball bats are the ones that are ASA slowpitch softball bats approved or the slowpitch bats that Amateur Softball Association (ASA) approved. This association is one of the major governing organizations for slowpitch softball, they have the best slow pitch softball bats in any slow pitch softball bat reviews. 

Here are some types of Slowpitch bats that are best in 2018 and best slow pitch softball bat reviews, DeMarini Juggy OVL ASA Slow Pitch Bat (WTDXNT4), Easton Ghost Double Barrel ASA Slow Pitch Bat (SP18GH), Miken Vicious ASA / USSSA Slow Pitch Bat (MPV18T), and DeMarini Flipper OG ASA Slow Pitch Bat (WTDXFLS).

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